Thursday, January 20, 2011


What brings you comfort?  Not on a grand scale like the beautiful, all encompassing comfort we find in the reassurance God is there and cares deeply about all you are facing, but on a small scale.  I mean the little comforts that make such a difference.  For me it's watching my 3 month old blow bubbles or hearing my three year old tell me she loves me.  It's hearing, "Touch of Grey" by The Grateful Dead or the way my ancient Dr. Marten's cradle my feet (Peter is convinced they are beat up beyond wearing in public, but I'm not so sure).  It's laughing with friends who have known me long enough to have seen me at my worst and knowing they still love me.  It's remembering I'm a mom, but knowing that part of me is merging with all the other dynamics of who I am, not becoming my single defining role.  It's walking in the rain.  All of these things are filled with the beautiful promise of God's grace and a new day.  They are reminders of the joy we can find in such a broken place.


  1. Thank you sweet girl. This brought me comfort. Lately I've been feeling very...well, disheartened and repulsed by "this broken place" and this reminded me that though it's not our permanent home, God still puts things into our days to refresh us, renew us, and comfort us. What comforts me? A hug from my mom that has no ulterior motive and is simply offered because I'm loved. Hot chocolate in the extra big cup. The smell of impending rain. My kitty giving me goodnight kisses as we snuggle into bed for the night. The right song at the right moment and knowing it was God that planned it that way. A compliment from a very unexpected source. Dr. Pepper. My cousin's baby when he has the choice between me and someone else and his hands stretch out and touch my face. The eyes of the homeless man after I helped him because God blessed me with the ability to do so. You.

  2. Little things: There is a huge flock of parrots in Pasadena (I wrote a blog about it, if you're curious) & when they fly over in the evening, it soothes me. Hearing my son call me "Mama". It's what we called my Mom and I told him once that I liked being called that. He makes sure he calls me Mama now. My cats & dog all lying together at the end of our bed. Mae in her dress-up princess dresses. Watching my husband work at something when he doesn't know I'm watching.