Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Honor Due

Michael Jackson is dead. Farrah Fawcett is dead. Ed McMahon is dead. Billy Mays is dead. John Brown Jr., Thomas Claw, Willie Kescoli Begay, and Matthew Martin are dead. Which of these names don't you know? Most likely the last four. I had never heard of them until this week. These four men were Navajo Code Talkers. They served our country. It has been said that, "Were it not for the Navajos, the Marines would never have taken Iwo Jima." That is how important what these men did was. And yet, in the light of the celebrity deaths their deaths have gone almost unmentioned in the news. Celebrity is given more respect than service in our culture. I think that is to be abhorred.

I don't mean to say that the celebrities deaths were not tragic; however, I do think they need to be put into perspective. The world is grieving, but more importantly spouses, children, and friends are grieving. The world may have lost the talent of these people, but we didn't really lose them because we didn't know them.

Ready And Then Some

Cathie got her hair cut today. It is adorable!! Between her cute new look and the heat I am beyond ready to chop my hair. This is what I have decided on, but mine will obviously be brunette. I want the side swept bangs in the second pic, but I want a 1 1/2 inch streak of purple in mine. Thoughts?

Now I must get to work addressing baby shower invites. Yay for Baby Ree!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm at my parents house. It took us what seemed like forever to get here. As I sit in their living room typing my Dad is asleep in the over stuffed chair (the one that was displaced from my apartment when my daughter came along). I stop now and then to listen to my Dad's usually rhythmic breathing and smile. I can also hear Richard and Peter playing with our little girl as my mom flits about doing this and that. It is wonderful. I am blessed. Too often I forget just how blessed I am. I wanted to write this to remind myself when those moment of forgetfulness come along. I guess to you, Reader, I am saying, count your blessings, there are probably more than you might think.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Seeing Old Friends

Just a little something to end a day full of friendly faces...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Worth Far More Than Rubies

Monday marked one month since my best friend's mom passed away. Aldeana taught me a number of things. Some of the lessons were through her fantastic kids and amazing grandkids, but many were from watching her live. She loved the Lord, her family, people, life, and games. Her vivaciousness caught people off guard and her tenderness drew them in. I wanted to share what I gleaned from her so that maybe others could learn from her as well even if they never got the chance to meet her. If she taught you something please, please add to my list.
  • No matter how much you're hurting someone around you is hurting more and you may be the one God wants to use to help them or show them His love.
  • Be honest! If something sucks don't whitewash it, say so.
  • Care for those our society forgets or places no value on (especially children and the elderly).
  • Love people! Everyone desires to be known and loved. God can use you to show them He knows them and loves them deeply. Ask people questions about themselves, care for them, desire to know them, care for their children.
  • Admit my parenting mistakes to my children, ask forgiveness, and be sure they know how deep my love for them is. "...love covers over a multitude of sins" 1 Pet 4:8
  • Be excited about the things your kids are excited about. ("I cant believe my mother bought me a nose ring to go with my Easter outfit!" - Talicia)
  • LOVE the Lord! Make Him the most precious thing in your life. Those around you will reap the blessings!
  • Being married to someone in ministry means you are in ministry. It is hard, but worth it.
  • Love people with all your heart even though it means your heart will be broken regularly.
  • Trust the Lord.
  • Be silly and enjoy life.
  • Marriage can be even more exciting, joyous, and romantic after 40 years than it was on your wedding day.
Thank you, Aldeana! Your ministry and legacy are going strong!

Aldeana's obituary:

Aldeana Hinkle - Yucaipa loses a special sweetheart

Published: Thursday, May 28, 2009 11:13 PM PDT

Aldeana Hinkle, 66, the wife of Don Hinkle, pastor of Yucaipa Christian Church, stepped into God’s presence Friday morning, May 22, at 6:15 a.m.

Born July 28, 1942, in Dodge City, Kansas – she was the oldest of four children of Dean and Mildred Robins. Her dad was a preacher and from her folks she learned to love and minister to people from every walk of life. She spent her high school years in Elkhart, Kansas, and graduated from Midwest Christian College in Oklahoma City with a Bachelor of Arts Ministerial in 1964.

One year earlier – June 7, 1963, she married Don. They began their family in 1965 with a daughter, Tawndi – born in Oklahoma City. She was followed by Trey in 1968 after the family’s move to Escondido and then Talicia in 1978 in Santa Clara/San Jose.

Aldeana lived in California 42 years, the last 16 in Yu-caipa. She loved music all her life and most recently taught piano with the Adult Edu-cation Program. She encouraged and supported her husband and children. She em-braced all who came across her path.

Her desire was to follow the Good Shepherd and not rush ahead. She considered her final surgery (the one from which she would not regain consciousness) her best act of worship – trusting God fully with her life.

Despite almost 35 years of serious illness, Aldeana maintained a vibrant spirit and authentic loving attitude. She was an incredible lady who dearly loved babies and young moms. She made everyone feel special because she saw them as a creation of God, valuable in His sight.

Thousands will miss her, but especially her husband, Don – her children, Tawndi Wohlwend and her husband, Chris; Trey Hinkle and his wife, Peggy, and Talicia. She leaves eight grandchildren to carry on her legacy – six Wohlwends: JonMarke, Raine, Kellyn, Jaron, Cason, Grace; and two Hinkles: Jayana and Donovanne. She is survived as well by her sister, Dee Akers and brothers Sam and David Robins (all from Norman, Oklahoma), along with their families.

“Her death brings us much sorrow,” said Yucaipa Mayor Dck Riddell. “She was a great citizen and I thought the world of her.”

“It’s hard to imagine a world without Aldeana,” said Judy Dunnistoun. “She was an example of grace, love, and mischief! If we could all be half of the person she was, this world would be a better place. Her life was the epitome of what following Christ should look like. I miss her already.”

“My dearest friend, Aldeana. She was my mirror shining back at me with a world of possibilities,” said Angela Shepard. “She was my witness, who saw me at my worst and best, and loved me anyway. A friend loves at all times.” –Proverbs 17:17

“More than a mom, more than a mentor, more than a friend. Aldeana was an angel who walked among men,” said Olin Richey, YCC music pastor. “There are a few occasions in life when someone spectacular comes along, and she was one of those people. She gave of herself, even when physically there wasn't that much to give. She battled for years with what for others would have been debilitating pain, and yet served everyone she knew.”

“From a young mother struggling to raise her children, to seniors who were trying to get their earthly possessions together; everyone knew they could count on Aldeana for support. She taught music to little children and piano to adults with a spirit of encouragement that spurred us all on to greatness. She leaves many holes.” Richey added.

A memorial service is scheduled for Saturday, May 30, at 10:30 a.m. at Yucaipa Christian Church, 12964 Bryant St.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


FACT: I love to shop. For those who know me this is not news. Granted, I don't buy a lot of things, but shopping to me is relaxing and fun. That is unless I'm being forced to shop for a swim suit, but who enjoys that kind of torture?
FACT: I may be the queen of wishlists. I have more than I can count. I think they are the grown up equivalent of letters to Santa. They are exciting and full of possibility. Even if I never get a single item on the list, I picked them out. They are internet window shopping and I love them.
All this being said, I stumbled onto a disturbing phenomenon today. I was drawn in by the "next blog" button when reading Amaya's posts (side note - you should go read them) and was whisked away to a blog dedicated to one persons shopping conquests. The girl proudly displayed her new purses and wallets in photo after photo. I found the idea disconcerting. Have we become so taken with our purchases that we have to take their pictures and show them off on the internet? Is this a joke I'm missing the punchline to?

I'm going to go make myself a chai and relax while my precious one naps. I'm in process of mulling over several more meaty subjects for future blog posts. I thought that would be welcome news after my rant.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Happy Father's Day!

Thoughts of a Woman Who Is Not Asleep

When I visited Jessie Lee, Mike, and their beautiful baby in the hospital last night we discussed how quickly men tend to fall asleep. We came to the conclusion that this is because many men have the ability to shut down their thoughts while women tend to let them swirl around in their heads at night. Driving this point home is the fact that, as I type this, my sweet husband is fast asleep and has been since about five minutes after crawling into bed. Clearly, I am not asleep. After that interesting conversation I decided I'd give the world a peek into what goes on in a woman's head when she should be drifting off to dreamland. Here is a chronicle of my thoughts this particular night:
1. Amaya on her flight to New York and how proud I am of her for doing this
2. Begin writing two poems in my head
(roll over)
3. I'm not sleeping
4. Aforementioned discussion
(roll back over)
5. I need a hair cut
6. Furrow brow at current "mom cut"
7. Wonder how my little one is sleeping
8. Imagine how cute she is right now
9. Design possible new hairstyle
10. Weigh pros and cons of putting a wide streak of dark purple in my bangs
11. Contemplate where to get hair cut (Stephanie's work vs. my old stylist vs. Lacie's hairdresser vs. Kacey's relative)
(roll over)
12. Need for sleep so I can be at church in the morning
13. Lenny's birthday celebration and the fun I had with friends from church (and a few not from church)
14. Begin writing this blog in my head
15. Debate getting up to write blog
(get up)

There you have it, your very own jaunt into the sleepless cerebrum of a woman. Now I'm off to make another valiant attempt at slumber.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yes, the title is a typo, but I love it so it stays

I did it. I created a blog. I have always used social networks to blog. I had one on Friendster (now deleted), Myspace, and I leave notes on Facebook. I think I have found comfort in how temporary they feel. This one is all mine and permanent. That is a little scary (so maybe I haven't fully conquered my fear of commitment). I actually created this blog days ago, only to realize I'm avoiding writing in it because it means I have to stop and process. One of my closest friends is moving across the country today. I'm trying to ignore that I'll say goodbye to her in 3 hours. I don't want to cry and I know if I write more I'll cry so instead I'll just post a pithy picture that relates.

Random Fact For Distraction Purposes - Bob Dylan is one of my favorite poets.

All That Matters