Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Every breath is a second chance"

That is a line from Switchfoot's new song "Your Love Is A Song."  I love it.  It is such a perfect reminder as a new year begins.  I usually don't do resolutions.  This year I've decided I'm going to.  Here are a few of them:
  • Be more patient.  I guess really my resolution is to get more time with God so that more of the fruit of the Spirit grows in my life.
  • Reconcile with my Wii Fit.  We had an argument a few months ago when it told me I'd gained 4 pounds since I'd started using it.  We haven't been on speaking terms since.
  • Be the best wife & mom I can be (with God's help).
  • Do more silly things just because.
  • Show those around me just how much I love them and not be afraid to be vulnerable.
Good-bye 2009.  You were a good year all in all, but with some horribly difficult times.  Thank you, Lord, for being faithful to see us through another year!  Thank you for every new day and every "second chance."

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