Monday, December 28, 2009


I need to go to bed, but I thought that before I ended my day I'd check in.  I have lots of things I could write about, but I'm not that interested in most of them so I imagine you wouldn't be either.  Maybe I'll revisit them another time.  For now I'm revisiting 2009.  It has seemed like a very long year to me.  Part of that has been watching my little girl grow. 
Side note - she has recently begun calling out to me in Italian, "Mamma mia...mammma mia...maaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmma miiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaa!"  I think it is hilarious and charming.
Another part of it has been that there have been so many big events.  In my exhaustion typing this has caused my mind to burst out with, "Seasons Change" by Expose.  I may be too tired to complete this post.  I'll share anyway and I'll try to come back to it soon.

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