Wednesday, June 24, 2009


FACT: I love to shop. For those who know me this is not news. Granted, I don't buy a lot of things, but shopping to me is relaxing and fun. That is unless I'm being forced to shop for a swim suit, but who enjoys that kind of torture?
FACT: I may be the queen of wishlists. I have more than I can count. I think they are the grown up equivalent of letters to Santa. They are exciting and full of possibility. Even if I never get a single item on the list, I picked them out. They are internet window shopping and I love them.
All this being said, I stumbled onto a disturbing phenomenon today. I was drawn in by the "next blog" button when reading Amaya's posts (side note - you should go read them) and was whisked away to a blog dedicated to one persons shopping conquests. The girl proudly displayed her new purses and wallets in photo after photo. I found the idea disconcerting. Have we become so taken with our purchases that we have to take their pictures and show them off on the internet? Is this a joke I'm missing the punchline to?

I'm going to go make myself a chai and relax while my precious one naps. I'm in process of mulling over several more meaty subjects for future blog posts. I thought that would be welcome news after my rant.


  1. LOL

    That's amazing. And sad. Wowza.

    P.S. I love you!
    P.P.S. Central Park didn't kill me. ;)

  2. I would post a pic of my new socks but really....socks? Who gives a crap? LOL

  3. I might if they were really exciting socks ;)

  4. Nope. Boring lame lame boring lame boring lame boring boring lame socks.