Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thoughts of a Woman Who Is Not Asleep

When I visited Jessie Lee, Mike, and their beautiful baby in the hospital last night we discussed how quickly men tend to fall asleep. We came to the conclusion that this is because many men have the ability to shut down their thoughts while women tend to let them swirl around in their heads at night. Driving this point home is the fact that, as I type this, my sweet husband is fast asleep and has been since about five minutes after crawling into bed. Clearly, I am not asleep. After that interesting conversation I decided I'd give the world a peek into what goes on in a woman's head when she should be drifting off to dreamland. Here is a chronicle of my thoughts this particular night:
1. Amaya on her flight to New York and how proud I am of her for doing this
2. Begin writing two poems in my head
(roll over)
3. I'm not sleeping
4. Aforementioned discussion
(roll back over)
5. I need a hair cut
6. Furrow brow at current "mom cut"
7. Wonder how my little one is sleeping
8. Imagine how cute she is right now
9. Design possible new hairstyle
10. Weigh pros and cons of putting a wide streak of dark purple in my bangs
11. Contemplate where to get hair cut (Stephanie's work vs. my old stylist vs. Lacie's hairdresser vs. Kacey's relative)
(roll over)
12. Need for sleep so I can be at church in the morning
13. Lenny's birthday celebration and the fun I had with friends from church (and a few not from church)
14. Begin writing this blog in my head
15. Debate getting up to write blog
(get up)

There you have it, your very own jaunt into the sleepless cerebrum of a woman. Now I'm off to make another valiant attempt at slumber.

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  1. I must say, I am quite content with the part of the blog that reads "my sweet husband is fast asleep" and am unable to feel bad about that in the least. =)