Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ready And Then Some

Cathie got her hair cut today. It is adorable!! Between her cute new look and the heat I am beyond ready to chop my hair. This is what I have decided on, but mine will obviously be brunette. I want the side swept bangs in the second pic, but I want a 1 1/2 inch streak of purple in mine. Thoughts?

Now I must get to work addressing baby shower invites. Yay for Baby Ree!


  1. 1) I LOVE the idea you have for your haircut and demand pics once it's done.
    2) Purple = radness.
    3) Is that Hayden Panitierre in the second pic and yes I know I spelled her last name wrong.
    4) Who's Baby Ree?

  2. 1)Now I just have to go get it done
    2)I think so too
    4)Stacy & Curtis's baby

  3. 1) I find the first picture VERY disturbing. Is that a Brat Doll? It looks like one.
    2) That cute will be cute on you -- and manageable with your type of hair (YAY!).
    3) I love you.