Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yes, the title is a typo, but I love it so it stays

I did it. I created a blog. I have always used social networks to blog. I had one on Friendster (now deleted), Myspace, and I leave notes on Facebook. I think I have found comfort in how temporary they feel. This one is all mine and permanent. That is a little scary (so maybe I haven't fully conquered my fear of commitment). I actually created this blog days ago, only to realize I'm avoiding writing in it because it means I have to stop and process. One of my closest friends is moving across the country today. I'm trying to ignore that I'll say goodbye to her in 3 hours. I don't want to cry and I know if I write more I'll cry so instead I'll just post a pithy picture that relates.

Random Fact For Distraction Purposes - Bob Dylan is one of my favorite poets.


  1. Cue... TRAIN WRECK.

    The sobbing has begun. If there's typos, excuse them, I can't see.


  2. And I have completed the reading of all blog entries so far. Upon doing so, I have decided it may be time for me to start a blog. I've got three entries already started in my head. I love you!!!

  3. Oh and I give you props for leaving the title of this entry just the way it came out. I like it too. :-) Me. The spelling and grammar freak. I know. Blows me away, but hey I'm growing. Improving. Becoming a better person who can accept misspelled words and not implode. And I'm so glad you started your blog. I learned from and enjoyed each and every entry, looking forward to the next one.