Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Sleep, I miss you.

Last night's sleep schedule:
  • 2AM - finally fell asleep
  • 2:30 - woken up by Sweet Sickie Face who wanted to climb in my bed, told no, and sent back to bed, she accidentally woke up Beautiful Baby Eat Non-stop.
  • 2:45 - falling back to sleep
  • 3:10 - Beautiful Baby Eat Non-stop decided she should have been eating instead of sleeping
  • 4:45 - I was finally able to get Beautiful Baby Eat Non-stop fed and to fall back to sleep
  • 6AM? -  Beautiful Baby Eat Non-stop lost her paci and woke up crying  Wonderful Man I Married remedied the situation
  • 7AM? (I'm not sure the time because the delirium had set in) - woken up by Sweet Sickie Face who again wanted to climb in my bed This time she was told yes (the family rule is she has to wait until the sun shines through the curtains) and she was sent over to Wonderful Man I Married 
  • 7:05 - 8:00 faded in and out of sleep between questions, pokes, and demands from Sweet Sickie Face until Wonderful Man I Married got the two of them breakfast
  • 8:35 Beautiful Baby Eat Non-stop woke up and was quite alarmed it had been so long since her last meal
~The End or, More Appropriately, The Beginning of the Day~



In a mostly unrelated matter, I was reading Cara-Deo today and was blessed by the quote, "It says desperation is better than despair. And where God's power begins."  I wanted to share it in case you might find it encouraging as well.

Now this sleepy and very silly mommy must go feed that beautiful baby again.

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  1. Feel free to FedEx them to me. Couple weeks? You need a vacation. I'll take 'em! ;)