Monday, March 21, 2011

"Ooooh, Corey, Accessories!"

**For those interested the dresses from the last post are from Mod Cloth, Old Navy, Park Place Vintage, Pin Up Girl Clothing, Victoria's Secret, Steady Clothing, & Ruche.

I plan on continuing this style series for a while, but it will be on and off for the most part.  This time, however, I'm doing two in a row.  From now on I'll include links in case anyone likes the items as much as I do.  Now for accessories....

I want to share something else I've discovered.  I celebrated the marriage of two dear friends this weekend.   
Congrats, LB and Bobby!
At their reception I had the most amazing cupcake!  It was a mocha cupcake from Just Baked by Julie.  If you're in the bay area I encourage you to try them!  Amazing!!


  1. Love the Pin Up Girl Clothing...also loved the cupcakes!

    I don't have my Docs any more...those are really cute.

  2. I have my Docs, but they're from high school (circa 1995) and Peter says they're not fit for wearing out of the house anymore. ;)