Sunday, July 19, 2009

Calling All Creative and/or Tattooed People

I have been mulling over another tattoo for about two years now and I'm beginning to close in on it. I'm excited, but I'm in need of some assistance. I'm looking for help from my creative artsy friends to help me design it (especially those of you who are good with fonts). As for my tattooed friends, I'm looking for recommendations of artists and shops. This is all to start getting things figured out so that I can begin my "tattoo process." I'll post the finalized idea somewhere where I see it everyday for 6 months. If I do that without changing my mind I'll get it. If it needs to be tweaked then I'll make the changes and restart the clock. This way I can be sure to get something I'm passionate about. I'll post pics throughout the process.

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  1. martin at lucky stars on Bascom rocks.

    amy. (morris)