Monday, July 27, 2009

Pink Is The New Grout

I just finished cleaning my entire kitchen. "Why?" you might ask. Today my husband and I both tried unsuccessfully to pour Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light (at different times). We both spilled Cherry Pomegranate Crystal Light all over the kitchen. It got everywhere. It was a lovely, red, sticky mess. Now after using every clorox wipe in our apartment, not to mention a bathroom towel and plenty of paper towels, it has been cleaned up. Our grout is pink even after all the scrubbing. During the cleaning I decided a few things:
  1. I can be angry with an intimate my malfunctioning pitcher for example.
  2. We are no longer purchasing this particular flavor of Crystal Light, even if it does have antioxidants.
  3. The artificial colorings used for this drink have no business being in our bodies if they can stain my kitchen.
It has been a crazy day. I prayed earlier that the Lord would help me learn to be content regardless of my circumstances. My prayer is being answered. He is teaching me. I say this only partly due to the fact that since I began typing this a few more exciting things have happened:
  1. My husband informed me that our water has been turned off without notice by the plumbers working on our building.
  2. My daughter dumped chocolate chips all over the newly scrubbed kitchen floor and began to eat them.
  3. I cleaned up said chocolate chips (yes, I did eat the last few left in the bag afterward).
  4. I realized again I haven't had any coffee all day.
Despite all this I am laughing as I listen to my husband and daughter play. I am learning the lesson I asked for and I am glad; however, next time I pray that prayer I'll be better prepared for what may come next.

This post is lovingly dedicated to Peter who graciously watched our little girl so I could write it with only a few interruptions.


  1. LOL

    Sorry, not funny...

    Ok, I lied, it's hilarious.

    And yes, if it can stain tile, it's prolly not so good for your insides... although, in all fairness, your insides are already pink.

    (i get mad at inanimate objects too.)

  2. booo for pink tile. booo for anything pink for that matter, except for your insides, cause those are good.

  3. Who cares if she was eating off the just cleaned it. My kids used to dip their food in the sand at the beach and eat it. It sounds like a day filled with adventure...I like your positive attitude.