Monday, July 27, 2009

Staggeringly Stupendous

My husband is currently on his way to Safeway because he loves me. I might be a teeny, weeny bit PMSy. Not PMSy in the mean way (mostly not), just in the craving-could-get-pouty way. This condition has been made more dire because my house is deviod of chocolate. If you read my earlier post you know that the last of the chocolate ended up on the newly washed kitchen floor (well, to be fair the very last of it ened up in my tummy). Either way there is no chocolate. Enter Peter, my fabulous husband. After Bible Study (which just ended and was fantastic - Go Lenny!) he headed off to Safeway for goodies. I just had to give him some well deserved props. Blessed and receiving chocolate soon I sign off.
Good Night!


  1. That's a good man you got there...reason #247 to marry the sweet, nerdy type (I only say that because I think we started an "I love my nerdy hubby" club on Facebook once.)

  2. Hooray for chocolate! EVERY house needs some form of edible chocolate. Period. I was sad for you for a little bit, but then Peter came through! :)