Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Rest of the List of Things I Want:

  1. See previous entry for number one. (Note - accomplished on a walk with Kacey)
  2. To love like God
  3. More time with friends/deeper time with friends (especially Kacey, Lacie, Sarah, & Stacy)
  4. To go see Janette at the hospital
  5. A green dragon roll
  6. A pedicure
  7. Amaya to visit
  8. All my laundry to be magically done
  9. A massage
  10. Talicia to live in San Jose
  11. A pair of Red Engine jeans
  12. Amaya's mom's chocolate mousse
  13. To see my daughter's beautiful smile
  14. To continue learning how to be a better friend
  15. A vanity
  16. My hubbie to be home from work
  17. A bigger apartment (still on the wishlist, but no longer worrying about it)
  18. "Eli Stone" to be un-canceled

1 comment:

  1. Awww.... I miss you and I want a visit soon too! AND I want you to come visit ME! :)