Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I need a little help. My baby Boo LOVES airplanes. When we visit my parents she'll repeat, "airple," (which sounds like apple, but means airplane) and knock on the garage door until someone takes her out there to look at my dad's remote controlled planes. When we go to Target and planes fly over the parking lot she blows them kisses. This is a wonderful thing since my dad has been hoping for another flight enthusiast in his line for years. I decided that because of all this she should be a tiny aviator for Halloween (think Amelia Earheart meets Easy Company). I bought her a little aviator hat and I'm going to make her goggles from black felt. Now I'll just looking for her jacket. I'm looking at two. One is for a girl so she'd get more use out of it (a little more $$), but the other one is so authentic that I'm a little bit in love with it (a little less $$). I thought I'd put it out there and get some help with the descision. Here they are:
orWhat do YOU think?


  1. The bottom one can continue to be worn, without Boo looking like a goof. The top one is ADORABLE, and perfect for the costume...

    So, in conclusion, I love both and I am absolutely no help at all. ;)

  2. I LOVE the top one, and think she will look cute wearing it whenever, even if its not during costume season! :)

  3. Little girls wear tutus and cowboy boots everyday...little boys go to the supermarket as superman...I say go all out and not worry about anyone being goofy looking...besides...cheaper is always better.