Monday, July 6, 2009

To Do List Day

As a mom I live in borderline chaos at all times. To reign in the madness I find little ways to organize. I have piles around the house, but I find these do more to add to the chaos than to decrease it. I color code my calendar (yes, really). I love it. Peter & Lenny love to get a hold of my beloved sharpies and mess with me by adding things in the wrong colors. Beyond that, it is a wonderful sanity enhancing tool. I also make to do lists. I have done this for years (I used to make other people lists too...teehee). When I became a mom one of my adjustments was realizing that my lists were more than a tad too ambitious. I had to realize what I got done in a day before now took three. The bigger adjustment was accepting that and being O.K. with it. I think I have come to this place, for the most part. Today is a day of grand "To Do List" expectations. I'm hoping to get it all done, but I'm preparing myself for forced acceptance if it doesn't happen. Wondering what goes on this list? Here you go:
  • Shower (yes, that goes on the list)
  • Katie over
  • Mail baby shower invitations
  • Pick up alterations (News to no one - I'm short)
  • Stride Rite (baby is growing like crazy & her very cute, very wide feet need new shoes)
  • Apple store (my new ipod, that recently replaced my old new ipod, is angry with me) (sidenote - I am beginning to be concerned that I am the opposite & adult version of Baby Touch & Go on "Heroes")
  • Rico & Rachel over for mtg.
  • Wii Fit
  • Bible Study
I realize this is not a long list, but in the midst of this I will feed, clothe, and care for my child. Therein lies the challenge. I'll let you know how I do.

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  1. Dude, I have to put "shower" and "floss" on my to do list too. And I'm not a mom.