Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lessons In Contentment, Day 2

I had just finished getting everything prepared to take a much needed shower...

Let's take a moment right here. What does "everything prepared" mean? The moms out there know. It means your home, yourself, and your toddler. For the record, this is harder and more time consuming than it sounds.

...when I find out that the water has been turned off...again...with no notice. Arg. Where is that Note to Self I wrote? Where is that cheery attitude I had yesterday when this happened? I'm sure I'll find them, but for now I'm ticked. I don't want to take my daughter, my dirty hair, and I out to do errands sans shower.

Wait, here's my note. I found it while going to the kitchen where I also found my sense of humor and my daughter dipping a toy car in the cats' water bowl.


  1. While I appreciate your grace and "notes to yourself," I have a note too.

    Dear Landlord,

    While I appreciate you finally getting off your lazy and cheap *** to bring the apartment building you own (but don't manage) up to code, perhaps you should take a refresher course on the CA law. For the record, barring emergencies, it is illegal for you to turn off the water in an apartment without providing 24 hours notice. Bringing an apartment up to code is not considered an emergency. Considering you use a plumber for all repairs in the apartments (most of which don't actually relate to plumbing), you should know this. You should also know that when such instances occur, your tenants are entitled to suing you for $100 a day of non-working utilities, but not less than $250 for each violation. Do the math.

    How about a little consideration? Dig deep, it's probably in there somewhere.

    Best regards,

    A concerned and pissy citizen

  2. I love you too.

    You're not going to let me send my letter, are you?

  3. Ok, firstly, Amaya you rawk my socks off and I suggest mailing the letter with or without Courtney's approval. It's not like you're actually going to sign the thing. He'll never know! Seriously, dude. Secondly, this is an email reply that Courtney suggested I leave as an actual comment so here it is:

    I adore the way God uses Aubrie to show you what He wants you to know. He has something He wants to tell you, something He thinks you need to be aware of, a lesson to be learned and how does He choose to get that information to you? Through your daughter. Makes me well up. Such a beautiful thing. And such a beautiful God we serve. His heart is one that is tender and innocent and full of truly unconditional love....like Aubrie.